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   SHENZHEN ANLIAN WEIYE ELECTRICS CO.,LTD Only original products. Is a well-known agents and distributors of electronic components, semiconductor manufacturers are a number of internationally renowned spot suppliers.

   Anlian always adhere to the "integrity for the" Road to thinking, advocate humane enterprise management philosophy, emphasis on "unity and progress," the team growth outlook for the upstream suppliers and downstream customers to keep their promises. Innovation, enterprise resource planning adequately train elite team, provide more performance, more specialized vocational learning and adaptability. Meet the needs of different customers at the same time, reduce production costs and provide the most satisfactory customer service. Miami's most valuable achievement of excellence in the future. Agency distribution components main application areas: industrial control, computing and storage, wired and wireless communications products, optical products and consumer electronics products, instruments, audio equipment, communications, medical facilities, security products, UPS, measuring instruments.

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